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Activate It (W.I.P.) Activate It (W.I.P.)

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I could totally used this for my dark evil purposes, muwhahaha!. .. .. ? oh! sorry! i mean for my animations projects!

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key-bal responds:

ha ha, well if your taking over the world or making some sweet animations go right ahead my friend

Happy scheming/animating

Overture of a Voyager Overture of a Voyager

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do you take request? if so! proceed.


The Theme is ninja with mix of metalgear song by Harry Gregson-Williams ''Metal Gear Solid'' Main Theme Son of Liberty Sl2d8 I need the Beginning to be like that and the entire song like it. if you can come close enough I will Credit and if possible i will share Revenue Shares from flash ads upon, about a month of the flash animation Release Date Make a couple of demos before full, i will be very picky.

I won't be able to start the animation without it but i will give a short Private link to the character so you can get a feel for it upon request. the character Name is Toonyfatninja He is a ninja and mascot of Destiny Arts Studios He will Start in a series of animated stories. here a Demo Picture link to it stinyartsstudios/toonyf atninja-illustration-1?context=rating s:etm.user:4162161.scou ted:.offset:5 not final. the whole animation could take over a year or more sense i,m working on it my self so you will have to be patiant if you like to see it, or if the world would like to see it.

A quick note on the theme it going to be a trailer and if you can make a second one for the Actual Series
must be about the same length of the metal gear which is about 4min.

metal gear

if you follow it close to the metal gear song that would be a Super Plus for you.

samulis responds:

Hey man, I heavily recommend you check out this tutorial guide about choosing the right audio and working with a composer. Although it's designed more for game developers, the same applies to animators.

Note that I do not do "arrangements" of songs under copyright unless I am asked to do so by someone who holds the copyright or doesn't mind paying for it to be waived. I HEAVILY urge you to re-consider your stance that the music needs to be like existing music. If you like existing music so much, why not use it? Is it that you cannot afford to pay for the rights to be waived? Well, then you will need to work with composers who will create new, unique pieces- that is the cold, hard reality of the music industry. If you find a composer willing to sell his/her soul and make a copy of a song for you, congratulations. However, it will be just that- a boring, uninspiring copy by some random composer somewhere of some song too many people know.

After reading the above linked tutorial in full, if you decide you want original, unique, custom music and are willing to pay for it, I would be more than thrilled and honored to hook you up. Send me a PM involving the steps shown in "Part 5: How to Explain Your Ideas". :)


Hallelujah performed by Cayler Hallelujah performed by Cayler

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


JBI - The funeral (Sad) JBI - The funeral (Sad)

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Now this type of music is worthy for my Ultimate Flash Cartoon Projects, I be sure to give you proper credits you Deserved a bow, Also I may let you know of what projects it be on. but it could be a while i have a hard time finding the right type of music for my projects. i don't like to put so many crappy music on my animations unless is for fun. but when i,m serious about a project everything has to be 100% Perfect. your perfect music will be totally worthy of being in my flash projects, kudos for your really hard and dedication to your music projects. when my projects is done i be sure to let you know! that way were both have something to grim about. i,m going to break the record with my most prominent, project! it will be the greatest thing your ever! witness here on newgrounds and beyond.

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